Short Choppy Haircuts For Men

If you are thinking about a change in your hairstyle due to a change in the texture of your hair, or for want of a new look for yourself, the short choppy haircut for men is a style which you could consider. It would be a good idea to picture what would be your objective in wanting a change of hairstyle. Discuss this with a good hairstylist, who should also be able to guide you both in the choice of the style as well as what you should not do. Cutting hair short can be done in a variety of styles and a professional hairstylist will be able to decide on it depending on the shape of your face and your body. The choppy haircut is very versatile which is certain to create the impact you desire. Read through the following short choppy haircuts for men to understand what this style involves and pick one that you find appealing.

Short Choppy Hairstyles For Men

Heavy Textured
The shape of your face should determine the way to go about choosing the style that suits you best. The heavy textured style is ideal for men who have a pronounced square jaw line.

    • In this style, the hair on the crown of your head is cut in textured layers, while the hair on the sides is cut much shorter as compared to the top.
    • As you move towards the crown of your head, the hair should be progressively longer.
    • The length of the hair should be restricted to a maximum of about three inches. This method is used to make the face look longer and it also helps draw attention to your eyes.
    • Use wax to style your hair and bring it to the centre on top of your head to create a choppy, faux hawk look.
    • For a more formal look while attending office or a formal function, you can hide it by just brushing the hair back or parting and brushing it to the side. And there you are, looking cool and hip in one moment, and suave and dignified in the next.

This cut is considered to be a modern version of the famous Red Indian Mohawk hairstyle. Immensely popular, it is worn by football geniuses and style icons Beckham and Ronaldo.

Straight Hair Chop
This style is best suited for people who have straight hair.

    • Similar to the textured style, in this cut also the hair is cut short (really short!) at the sides.
    • The hair on the top is cut a little longer, slightly angled from the crown of your head down towards your forehead, while leaving some of the hair longer so that it affects a choppy appearance.
    • You can style your hair with hair-gel and mousse, after you have washed and dried it.

This is basically an asymmetrical cut which adds texture and gives your hair a very unique look. All these styles aim at the faux hawk look. This trend for short hair is going great guns, not only because of its style statement but also because it allows for convenient maintenance. Go ahead and try out something new.

Layered Chop

    • If you are blessed with thick hair, this is a style which would surely suit you. A short choppy layered hairstyle will give you a very trendy look.
    • In this style, similar to the styles mentioned earlier, you start by trimming your hair on the sides of your head by keeping the length to about an inch.
    • The hair should be cut longer as you reach the crown.
    • On top of your head, you create choppy layers that allow you to brush your hair back in a messy look.
    • The longer section at the top is shaped inwards using wax based pomade which will also keep it in place.
    • If your hair is curly, the choppy layers allows for your curls to show through while still keeping it in place.
    • You can style your hair with paste or moulding putty and use your fingers to brush your hair backwards.

The overall image of this style also tends towards the faux hawk look. These new styling ideas will help you break away from the traditional look and recreate yourself with a totally unconventional new look.

The advantages of these choppy styles for short hair for men are that they bring more body and life to the hair. The style gives you a totally fresh, new appearance which would be eye catching and trendy. Stay modern—go for this versatile style, and bask in some extremely enjoyable feminine attention!