Professional Hairstyles For Women

Professional hairstyles for women

The image you create is very important for your profession. You should dress well so as to look smart and professional. Your dressing sense and style depend on a lot many factors, such as the nature of your job, your basic lifestyle, the type of people you interact with, the time you can spend to get dressed etc. Flaunting a smart hairstyle is a major part of your professional makeup. The hairstyle you select should go well with your profession, giving you a no-nonsense, committed-to-work and dignified look. A professional hairstyle, while being sophisticated, has to be low maintenance and, of course, versatile. Career women nowadays, go for elegant hairstyles that would highlight their facial features. You should be selecting a hairstyle that is professional enough to keep hair off your face while you work and, at the same time, give you a hot look when you are at a party. There are loads of professional hairstyles, for all kinds of hair, which are extremely feminine and give you the right look while at workLet’s take a look at some professional hairstyles which you could flaunt with your short, medium or long hair.

Professional Haircuts For Women

Short Hairstyles
Short hairstyles are best for women who do not want hair falling on their face while at work. Such hairstyles are low maintenance and are best for women who are always on the go. This style gives you an air of professionalism and seriousness by simply being short. They can be highly versatile too, giving you a cool, trendy, chic look when you flaunt it outside work. There are many ways with which you can wear your hair short. Some of them are:

    • Boy cut – This hairstyle can be kept really short or a bit long. The apt style for the busy career woman, it requires no maintenance. You need not even use a brush if your hair is really short. You can use a bit of hair gel to style if you want to add more body to your long boy cut.
    • Classic bob – Professional hairstyles are often synonymous with the classic bob. This style was popularized by the secretaries in the 70’s. Most professional women today also like to style their hair this way as it gives them that cool, sophisticated, sexy look.
    • Inverted bob – In this hairstyle, the hair is cut short and layered at the back, while the hair in the front is longer and falls out to frame your face. It is a variation of the classic bob.
    • Pixie haircut – This versatile hairstyle is short enough to prove that you mean business. You can style it to look extremely sexy with some styling products, for an evening out with your friends.
    • Short layered cut – This hairstyle is best for professionals who like to wear their hair a little below their ears but a bit above the neck. Bangs are added so that the cut can be styled to frame your face to highlight your best features.

Medium Hairstyles
Medium length hair gives you immense options to style. A common way to style medium length hair is by adding fringes and bangs to the layers. If you want to keep your hair off your face, you can braid them or pull them into a ponytail. You can also make an updo for a smart professional look. Some styles in which you can wear medium length hair professionally are:

    • Ponytails – Ponytails keep your hair from falling over your eyes, saving you from an unprofessional look. Go for ponytails if you are having a bad hair day! A liberal spritz with a hair spray would hold your hair in place.
    • Layered with bangs – Medium length hair can be layered with bangs. You can either wear them with the bangs framing your face or wear them down with side swept bangs. Styling with a bit of pomade can give your layers a defined and groomed look.
    • French twist – Amongst the many elegant ways of wearing your hair, there is nothing that gives you a more professional look than the French twist. All you need to do is gather your hair in a low pony and then twist it up and tuck it in with bobby pins or a claw clip.
    • Buns – Arranging your hair in a loose bun and letting a few wisps of hair fall from it, would look great. Buns give you a cool look irrespective of the type of hair you have.

Long Hairstyles
Professional women mostly hate associating themselves with long hair. The simple reason behind this is that long hair takes time to style and requires a lot of care. However, if you like long hair and do not wish to cut them short, there are a variety of simple, elegant ways with which you could attain a professional look:

    • Ponytails – For a tidy, polished look, long hair can also be styled into a pony. It keeps your hair in place when you are busy. Use a hairspray to control frizz.
    • Braids – Wearing your long hair in a French braid can give you a go-getter look. Styling your hair into a French braid and then making a bun out of the braided hair would give you a sleek look. You can also try wearing your hair to the side in a loose braid.
    • Buns – Long hair can be styled in a variety of updos. You can make a braided bun or a tight chignon. You can twist the hair into a French twist or a French roll for a formal look.

While choosing the style that reflects your profession, make sure you choose one that suits the shape of your face. It should bring attention to your best features while letting the world know you are a serious professional. Choose a glamorous hairstyle which commands respect without making you look too severe or shrewd!