Modern Hairstyles For Girls

modern hairstyles for girls

While there are modern hairstyles for girls of all ages, there are some which are better suited for younger girls, and others which suit older girls. An important point to be borne in mind while choosing a hairstyle is its adaptability. While a very casual style may not be appropriate for a formal or semi-formal function, too formal styles are not suited for leisure moments. Moreover, whichever style you choose to wear your hair in, you must never forget that comfort is very important. For instance, hair flying into the face may be considered appealing in certain settings, but the same may end up distracting you while you are studying, playing or working. Hence, it would be prudent to adopt a hairstyle which does not come loose easily and can be carried off easily while you engage in sports or games and even when you attend a party, school, college, work or any other occasion. Today, girls have their own opinions and would love to choose their own hairstyle. Naturally, most girls, and women would love to follow the styles used by popular models or film icons. Choose from the following modern hairstyles and select the best option for you.

This style suits girls of all ages, but young girls look particularly nice in bobs. The hair is cut to an equal length all around and can be kept very short—up to the ears—or in older girls, till the chin. You can impart a more stylish look by using a little gel and curling the hair tips inwards or outwards using your fingers. This style will allow easy maintenance of the hair by preventing it from getting tangled. The hair frames the face and looks charming and cute on young girls.

Formal Bun
Weddings or proms are functions for girls to really dress up. Since you are expected to dress formally, your hairstyle should also suit the occasion. A formal bun is a style that is most appropriate for formal settings. The hair has to be swept up to the top of the head and tied into a neat ponytail. It can then be twisted into a bun and pinned in place. Alternatively, the hair can also be swept up and pinned with curls left hanging loose. Either way, the effect is stunning and a sure head-turner.

Girls with long hair, which are naturally curly, look good when the hair are left loose. However, if you have straight hair and would like a similar look, you can achieve it by using curlers on your hair and then leaving them loose. Another alternative is perming the hair which ensures a longer-lasting styling. However, one should remember that not all hair types, especially soft silky hair, take to curling.

Girls with long straight hair have a variety of options to choose from when styling their hair. Long straight hair can be either left loose or tied back in different styles such as a ponytail or braids. This style requires minimum effort in setting and maintenance, and is very popular among older girls, who can wear it to college, work or even a party. Medium straight hairstyle comprises of shoulder length or longer hair that can be worn in different ways. The end of the hair can be curled inwards or outwards by using a brush. This enhances the beauty and gives you quite an elegant look, suited for a formal occasion. Isn’t it just wonderful that you can fashion your straight hair and look unique for each occasion!

This hairstyle has been a favourite with young girls for ages. There are many variants to it, but the classic pigtails are two braids worn on the sides of the head. Another option is a single braid in the middle at the back of the head. This neat style, which keeps the hair in place for a longer period, is also a very common girly hairstyle. A pigtail can also be combined with a fringe in front for a different look. If you want a dressier look, the pigtail can be tied with ribbons or fancy clips. This can also be worn in a stylish French twist, a classier version of a simple pigtail that looks lovely on girls and women who have oval and/or round faces.

A short style suits girls of all ages. Mothers prefer this as it is easy to maintain and makes their girls look cute. Hair can be kept short up to the ears or slightly longer up to chin level for this kind of haircut. This style suits all hair types — curly or straight — and the best part is that different looks can be achieved with slight variations. When choosing a style, remember that short hairstyles are well suited for younger girls, primarily because they are easy to maintain. Long hair gets tangled easily and can be really messy, whereas short hair is considered best for younger girls and even teenagers who aren’t that much into hair maintenance. Medium length hairstyles allow for a range of cute hairstyles, from braids to tiebacks.

The above styles are ideal whether you are a young girl or a woman, given the occasion, and the clothes you are attired in. Isn’t it wonderful that you can wear these lovely hairstyles on special days like prom nights or dinner dances, in addition to regular school or work days, with slight variations to attain a whole new look customised for each occasion! If time permits, fashion your hair into curls or waves to finish off with a peppy, stylish look