Hairstyles For Bridesmaid

hairstyles for bridesmaid

It is your friend’s marriage and she has selected you, her best friend, as the bridesmaid. Moreover, it is the best day of her life and evidently, everything has to be in sync for the wedding day. You shopped for the best dress and accessories to wear on the occasion.  Being a bridesmaid, you already have lots of thoughts in your head, and the most imperative of them is helping the bride in all possible ways. While dressing for the event you have to be with the bride to help her. Doing a make-up on our own is not a tedious task, but setting your hair is! The hairdresser will be paying special attention to the bride. Consequently you ought to have a hairstyle that is low-maintenance and easy to do, so that you can perform the daily activities without any hassles. After the bride and groom, you will be the person who will be in the limelight. So, go for a hairstyle that is effortless, yet effervescent. Keep reading to find a hairstyle that will prove to be elegant as well as natural.

Half Up- Half Down With Curls
In this hairdo, your hair are half tied up using bobby pins and half left open, thus showing off your long curled hair. All you need is a curling iron and some bobby-pins. Make loose curls on your hair using curling iron and then spray some hairspray to secure the curls. Next, divide your hair in two sections: top and bottom. Take the top section, and tease it a little. Don’t worry if curls open up a little bit. Make a poof of the top section and pin it up using bobby-pins. Spray some more hairspray on your hair to make it stay for the day. Add little glitter or stick-on flowers as accessories. And there you go! Now, you have a perfect hair-do for the day. This look works for medium length as well.

Wispy Low Bun
A wispy bun is the bundle or bunch of hair gathered at the nape of your neck that is pinned using bobby pins or hair pins. Ladies with both curly and straight hair can go for this hairstyle. You will require hair brush, hair serum, bobby-pins, a hair tie, and chignon. Detangle your hair using a hair brush. Apply some hair serum to your hair and brush it again. Make a side parting of your hair. Now, tie your hair at the back of your neck using a hair tie. After this, wear chignon on your ponytail. Now, start wrapping your hair around the chignon and when you are done, start pinning the bun with bobby-pins. If you are left with some strands, you can curl it using curling iron or leave it as it is. Add hair broach or a Chinese stick to the bun to make it dramatic.

Fish Tail
A fish tail braid is a structured braid that resembles fish skeleton when done. You need a hair brush, hair serum, and hair ties or ribbons. Apply serum on your hair and detangle them. If your hair are layered, then tie your hair at the back of your neck and if you have one length hair then there is no need to tie your hair. Now, section your hair into two equal parts at the back of your head. Take 10 strands from your extreme left side and cross it to the inside of the right side; perform the same with right side too. Continue the process until you reach third-quarter length of your hair. At the end, tie it with a hair tie or ribbon. If it is loose, then it is the safest bet, as it will make you look effortless and sexy.

 Fish Tail With A Twist
An extension of the fish tail style, the fish tail with a twist hairstyle will give a unique and incredible appearance to your long hair. You need a hair brush, hair serum, and hair ties. Follow the same steps as in the above hair-do, but this time make the braid on any of the sides. Now, twist your hair into a bun, like ring rolls and secure it with bobby-pins. Add a flower at the top for the floral look.

Messy Bun
If you see somebody wearing a bun that appears as if uncombed hair have been gathered in a bun, it is no other than a messy bun. You will require hairspray, bobby-pins (lots of them), and a curling iron. Start by curling your hair section by section. Coil your hair around the base of your ponytail. Flatten the bun on your head and secure it with the help of hair pins. Still, if you have not achieved that messy look, then keep on shaking your head until the result appears. Leave some strands in the front for a theatrical look. Spray with hair spray to lock the style. And you are sure to attract some male attention.