Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair

Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair

Thinning hair affects people of all ages, mostly men. There are a number of factors, which lead to thinning of hair, with genetic being a major one. Even though some say that if you are thinning on the top then you need to shave it all off, while others say it’s not necessary for those who have thinning hair to buzz it all out. However, thinning hair doesn’t mean that one can’t style hair? In fact, from the early stages of thinning to the later, there are many hairstyles available that one can adopt. Browse through the styles given below and select the best one that suits you. After all, it’s only you who has to finally decide what suits you the best. But if you can’t think it out, you can go to a good barber or a hairstylist and ask him to do the same style as the one you liked here.

Hairstyles For Men With Thinning Hair

The Messy Look
Go against the system and do something different. You can keep a shaggy look with the layers falling over your forehead. And to do this at home, you can dishevel your hair with your fingers and apply some gel or hair cream to give it a cool look. This style will suit those who want to cover the early stages of thinning. It will also show a not-too-serious attitude about your thinning hair and that you are accepting it and trying to make them work.

Textured Crop
You don’t need to shave it all off. A Textured Crop is an an early thinning style and will help disguise the problem with minelayers. Just ask your hairstylist to do a textured cut, keeping the hair 2 to 3 inches long and short on the sides and back. This type of cut will give a thicker and fuller look. Apply some oil or hair cream to make it look denser.

Buzz Cut
When it comes to fashion you can always turn to the classics without second thoughts. The Buzz Cut, extremely masculine, is an all time classic and gives a dapper look. It’s a simple style of short hair which looks good on everyone and is specially a good option for those who are losing hair. Also, it is suited for all occasions, whether it is a professional environment, giving a sharp and sophisticated look or the casually urbane, giving an edgy look with denim.

Slicked Back
If you are having one or two bald spots on the back of your head, then the Slicked Back hairstyle is the style for you. But to wear this style, you will first need to grow your hair a little longer from the front. Once the requisite length is achieved (3-5 inches), you slick it back, hiding the bald spot by giving your hair a glossy look. Use a little of hairstyling gel to give it a thickening effect. It will also add more charm to your face.

Faux Faux Hawk
The Faux Hawk itself is an upgraded version of the mohawk style. And this, Faux Faux Hawk, is a toned down version of the former. Though a tad bit daring for the conventional kind, it cleverly hides the receding hairline around the temples and makes the hair appear thicker. Using a little wet gel on each of the finger tip, apply on hair to make little spike on the middle and keep the sides short on the sides. Or approach a hairstylist for better results.

Short and Spiked
If you have thinning hair all over your head then go for a short cut all round. And give it an edgy look by spiking it a little by applying a little gel or hairspray. This creates locks between your hair and distracts the eye from looking into the receding hairline and focuses on where the hair is. Not to mention that the look is absolutely in.

The Crew Cut
A Crew Cut is not to to be confused with the buzz cut for the cutting of former involves keeping it very short from the sides and giving it a military type look. Extremely modish, this cut is suitable for all ages and helps minimizing the thinning effect and is effective when not much is required to blend in the bald patches.

Modified Caesar cut
If you are in the later stages of thinning hair, little hair remaining on the crown and no hair on the temples, then it’s better to keep your hair short. And among short hairstyles nothing will suit better than a Caesar Cut. All you have to do it is cut the hair into 1-2 inches and give a messy look by keeping the hair’s fringe on your forehead. The name is derived from the great Emperor Caesar, who is believed to have kept hair in this fashion.

Embrace the baldness gracefully, accept it with confidence and follow the hairstyles given above which will help you look classy and sexy!