Cute Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles

cute short hairstyles

It’s a myth that you cannot wear an up-do with short hair. The perfect paradigm for a short hair up-do was adorned by Katherine Heigi as she cleverly managed to disguise her short hair with a classic French twist. Youngsters are captivated by the versatility of iconic bob hair patterns. In order to finalize which short hairstyle suits your personality, consider your height, best and worst features along with your body frame. For instance, while short hairstyles emphasize the roundness of a round face, they are perfect for oval faces. Similarly, while tall women may appear quite masculine with extremely short haircuts, petite ones like Meg Ryan can carry off the same haircut with graceful cuteness. And if you have those mesmerizing eyes then short hair with side swept bangs can bring the entire world to a grinding halt. As a matter of fact, short hairstyles can show off an expensive look while keeping the monotony at bay. Also, a good hairstyle—long or short—can undoubtedly mask your flaws while accentuating your best features. So don’t be terrified of chopping those locks; instead try out these ultra-modern short hairdos.
Hairstyles for Short Hair

Layered Bouncy Bob Hairstyle
A bob is a hairstyle that’s cut around the head and extends no longer than the jaw line. Bounce is made by creating short layers at the back of the head. Layered bob is the most popular bob hairstyle among celebrities and fashionistas. If you are in a mood to experiment, then layering is surely going to create an impression with a perfectly polished look. With those flattering layered waves, one bounce is all you need to keep the eyes rolling. So you can say goodbye to the never ending ordeal of spending hours in front of the mirror, feeling confused and undecided over what to do with those locks. To achieve those silky frizz-free layers, all you need is a good conditioner and some oil-therapy once in a while.

Short Wedge Cut
Wedge cut has various names like tapered cut, inverted bob or stacked bob. In a classic short wedge hairstyle, the hair is cut very short at the back, with longer layers cut at the top and sides of the head. The layers help in adding dimension and height to the top and sides. This hairdo tends to be suitable for almost all hair textures. Side swept fringes and straight cut bangs are the most apposite choices for a wedge cut. For that smooth textured finishing, apply smoothening serum to damp hair and then blow dry. This haircut is not recommended for frizzy hair.

Pixie Hairstyle
Pixie hairstyle is short and is cropped cutely all over the head. Pixie crop is an exquisite hairdo which can bring a dramatic style transformation to your personality. This hassle-free and low-maintenance hairstyle is a hot favorite among celebs. Though it takes guts to get a pixie hairstyle, the attitude and class that come with it make it all worthwhile. For a petite touch, you can try a pixie boyish cut in the back with a chic look towards the front. Though this haircut appears to be a wash-and-go style, it requires trimming at regular intervals.

Short Shag Cut
The haircut that is ruling trends today is a bouncy short shag cut; it’s funky and, at the same time, has that gratifying quality to it. It can boost your look with a hot kitten allure as it adds bulk to the hair strands. Short shag is created by cutting hair just above the ears or may be shorter. To make the cut more hypnotic leave the bangs longer so that you can style them across the face by creating a sweeping look. To bring more edginess to the haircut, instead of doing just one length, add choppy layers throughout.

Messy Bob
Messy bob haircuts are best for girls who crave for variety in their looks. If the traditional bob just isn’t giving you that oomph factor then, mess it up; the rumpled look is terrific if you can pull it off. Sexy messy bobs are ideal for any age, hair texture and face structure. To get that just-out-of-bed look, start with applying small quantity of anti-frizz serum to towel dried tresses. Use a volumnizing hairspray if required, and start scrunching hair in sections with your fingers for those tussled locks. To give a final touch, mist with hairspray to hold your messy bob in place

Short Curly Layered Cut
Curly hair is a dilemma; whether to cut it short or not is a perennial question that haunts people with curly hair. But this season, all the confusion will be laid to rest as new soft and stylish hairdos for noodle like hair come in vogue. Curly hair can be maintained easily if the hair is either chin-length or slightly shorter. This style is created by cutting those curls short into layers. And for a modified retro look, you just need to style those short layered curls to one side.

Shoulder Length Blunt Cut
Flaunt those feminine features with this fabulous one-length hairdo that enhances your beauty and style. This haircut offers a sexy and mysterious look as it offers an edgy, refined, yet very appealing personality. A shoulder length blunt cut is similar to a bob but is styled much straighter and flatter. In this cut, the hair behind the ears is cut straight across at shoulder length while the hair in front of the ears is cut straight across at the bottom of the ears. Layering is not done anywhere between the extremes or around the rest of the head.

Gone are the days when beauty was associated only with long hair and short hair was frowned upon. In today’s world, what matters more than the length of your hair is the ease with which you carry your hairstyle. If short hair is best for your face-cut then don’t let age-old traditions hold you back. Be a style statement in your own might and chop those long locks off to get that dream look you’ve always been yearning for. This season, go for short tresses and be a trend-setter!