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short punk hairstyles

The punks were rebellious youngsters of the 70’s who tried to be different. They flouted societal norms and established their own identity in dressing and hairstyles, and even developed their own style of music. Primarily consisting of young people, they were members of an unconventional counter culture group. To establish their own identity, they had their own hairstyles which primarily included colored hair cut in extreme, different ways than what was then the norm. They wore clothes which were outlandish and were anti-establishment in every possible way. Over a period of time, the word punk came to be used as an adjective to describe anything which was not the norm. Today, punk hairstyles have developed more and are used as a means of expressing people’s individuality. This is a very popular way with which even the rockstars draw attention to themselves. Currently, most musicians and off-beat artists in the West can be seen sporting punk hairstyles to make a fashion statement that says, “Hey – we are different and so is our music”. Some popular short punk hairstyles are listed below.

Punk Hairstyles For Short Hair

What Makes A Punk Hairstyle
The beauty of punk styles is that there is no norm. Anything that is different, almost to the point of being weird, is considered right for this style. The more outlandish and wilder the look, the more it is appreciated. The intention is to look as rebellious as possible. So what makes a punk hairstyle so special?

    • Generally speaking, short punk hairstyles are blonde or black and also have a bit of coloring with them. It could be any color ranging from crimson red to cherry pink. Women, in particular, get abnormally colored hair and are trendier than most boys.
    • Normally, punk hairstyles do not have add on. However, anything a bit outlandish can be used, like small hats.
    • The primary consideration with short punk hairstyles is having bright colored hair in different shades.
    • The way the hair is cut varies from individual to individual, however, it is almost always cut jagged, and is swept in different directions so that each person can have his/her own style. Consequently, it is very difficult to categorise punk hairstyles in a manner similar to other hairstyles.

Fanned Mohawk Hairstyle
A rip-off from the famous Mohawk Red Indian tribe, this style is adopted primarily by women. When worn by men, it comes with slightly shorter hair.

    • It consists of shaving the sides of head while leaving hair in the center of the head; the hairline running from the forehead right through to the neck.
    • The hair should ideally be between six inches and twelve inches in length.
    • It is set using a spray so that the hair stands upright, giving the person a look of a Red Indian warrior.
    • The hair is colored in various tones representing bird feathers, so that it stands out as an appendage to the human body.

Dressing up is also part of the style where Red Indian style clothes are used in any random manner. This particular hairstyle is very popular and its variants are based on the length and color used on the hair.

Modern Short Punk Hairstyle
If you wish to look edgy and sensational, with a look that powerfully defines your individuality in a crowd, then it’s the modern short punk hairstyle you are looking for. The modern punk is unconventional yet svelte and groovy. It is due to the longer bangs that fall across your forehead, partially covering your eyes with razor cut layers that sweep across your cheeks, imparting a dreamy, coquettish appeal.

    • For a modern punk hairstyle, get a shorter crop cut with shaved sides and combine them with long bangs that fall smoothly over your eyes in razor like layers. This is a bolder look owing to the undercut way that the hair is styled in.
    • If you do not want to wear the bold undercut or shaved look, you could do the modern punk with the long bangs in a shorter hairstyle.
    • If you’d like to add glamour to your modern punk, curl your bangs or wear them in a flipped style for an inviting, sensuous appeal. To add shine and glamour, spray on a little hairspray to your bangs. Highlight or color them get an even more vibrant and striking look.
    • Slick, straight bangs are just terrific for a snobbish, confident yet attractive aura. Use styling iron to flatten your bangs, and smooth on some styling gel to get perfectly spiky, straight or even tousled bangs.

Dapper Short Punk Hairstyle
The thing with short punk hairstyles is the asymmetrical layers you can include in them, to enhance their appeal, through choppy layers or irregular razor-like cuts or cool crops for a stunning edgy look in a dapper short punk hairstyle. They are made even more appealing by graduating layers or chops, with most of the hair at an even length just above the eyes and a few layers framing the face till the ends of the ears. You can also wear your hair across the forehead, over one eye to the side of the face, with hair at the back cut dapper short. You can do dapper short punk hairstyles in medium styles, bobs, and slightly longer crops with layers scattered at certain sections, to add volume or softness for a marvelously specialized effect to the edges and the bangs. Get rainbow highlights or color your bangs with unique shades so as to create a totally different style for yourself that looks nothing like any other punk hairdo.

Punk hairstyles are quite contrary to high fashion hairstyles, but are trendy in themselves and usually come with different colors. Today, highlighting with unusual shades has caught up and is something you might be itching to try out. Punk hairstyles can help you define your own style and can also help you experiment with hair colouring. Even if you do not have a pressing need to establish your free state of mind, a punk hairstyle can be fun to adopt if you would like a radical transformation or you’d just like to be noticed. So what say, ready to cause some excitement!