Different Types Of Perms

Different Types Of Perms

Perms have always been the hottest fad in hair fashion since their invention in 1872. They look cool and haute as the soft bouncy curls add a different shade to one’s personality. There are different types of perms that you can go for and each will add a new dimension to your look. Perms are the most effective ways to look different and are the best way to give a radical change to your looks. Perms are also known as permanent waves where the structure of the hair is altered with chemicals, resulting in bouncy curls. Traditionally curls were formed through a very simple method in which wet hair was tied to the hair to make them curl. Another method was to wrap the hair around sticks and then bake them in a layer of mud in the sun. Nowadays, the process is more advanced and hassle free. If you want to know the types of perms that you can try, then continue reading the article further.

Different Types Of Perm 

Body Wave Perm
As the name suggests, this type of perm gives volume and bounce to the hair. Body wave perms are generally done with large rods. The curls are loose and have a very slight wave, ideal for those who want a curly haired look, but with more volume. Because the perms are loose, the hair has more movement. This type of perm looks best on those with a square face. Those who have natural straight hair will have large curls after going for this perm and those with natural wavy hair will have curlier perms.

Root Perm
This type of perm gives lift and volume to the root area of the hair. It makes the hair look long and provides fullness. That is why this style is best for those with short or flat hair. Root perm also best complements a heart shaped face as it creates voluminous locks.

Pin-Curl Perm
Here, small sections of the hair, which have been pinned into pre-formed curls, are permed, forming soft, natural waves in the hair. No chemical treatment is used, instead, the hair is curled with gel and curling pins. This style suits goes well with any face shape.

Stack Perm
Stacked perm provides curl and volume to those who have a single length haircut. The hair at the middle and ends are curled with different sized permed rods leaving the hair on top as it is. One can go for either a tight curl or a loose curl depending upon the thickness of the rod that one is using. Stacked perm can also be obtained with the help of rollers. This perm creates the illusion of different layers.

Spiral Perm
The perm here is achieved by winding the hair around a special curler. As such, it creates cascading curls, which have spring and bounce that look very romantic. The curls are tight and so can spring out in any direction. However, the tightness of the curls depends on the thickness of the perming rod and the chemicals used. Those with oval face should go for spiral sperm, as it makes the hair also looks much fuller and thicker.

Partial Spiral Perm
In this technique, curls are added to the lower strands of the hair, preferably near the ends. Hence, the upper portion of the hair is straight. Those with medium to long hair can go for this type of perm.

Spot Perm
This is a permanent technique where only one section of the hair is curled. Depending upon the size of the rod used, one can have tight or loose curls. Spot perm can also be used to curl the ends of the hair. This perm is mostly used by women who want to add style to a particular section of their hair.

Gentle Wavy Perm
This perm adds more form and structure to the hair and creates a wavy look. The large and loose perms add more body to the hair, thus giving a fuller look.

Volumizing Perm
Volumizing perm adds more volume and texture to the hair. As such, it is suitable for those with dull and lifeless hair and makes the hair more bouncy and glamorous. This technique is suitable for different hair lengths. The main point of this technique is to provide more bounce rather than curls. So, the tight curl look is avoided. This perm goes best with those who have thick long hair and an oval face.

Multi-Textured Perm
To provide the hair with a natural effect, multi-textured perm is used. This is done with the help of small and large rods to create natural looking curls.

Acid Perm
Highly conditioned flexible curls can be obtained through an acid perm. Contrary to the name, there is very minimal risk of hair damage involved. Those with fine, sensitive, color treated or damaged hair can opt for this perm technique. It creates loose curls that can last as long as three months. Acid perm goes well with a square shaped face.

Alkaline Perm
Alkaline perm is very effective in creating strong and firm curls. However, this type of perm should only be done by those who have normal, strong and resistant hair as it has high pH level that can damage the hair. Those who have color treated or normal hair should avoid this. If regularly conditioned and moisturized, this perm can last for about 5 months. It goes well with all types of hairstyles and face shapes.

Exothermic Perm
In this type of perming, a lotion is applied to the hair and then a gentle heat is produced by an exothermic chemical reaction. The heat from the reaction blends with the lotion and it enters the hair cuticles. This not only creates flexible curls, which are not only bouncy in shape, but the lotion conditions and strengthens the hair from within.