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how to weave hair

How To Weave Hair


From glossy, daring waves to big, blonde, beautiful hair to head-turning neon highlights — now it’s easy to morph any hairstyle you want, just in a snap. And all this more without torturing your hair with irons or dunking your tresses in unnatural hues. Wonder how? Thanks to hair weave,...

how to use flat iron

How To Use Flat Iron

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No woman’s vanity box can be said to be complete without flat iron. Flat iron is the only whip that can keep her luxurious mane under control. This flexible styling tool is gentle on the hair and can be used easily for a number of purposes like getting rid of...

how to tease hair

How To Tease Hair


Throughout history, voluminous hair has been the most coveted aspect of grooming one’s look, as can be attested from the popularity of giant wigs during the 50s and 80s. Nowadays, wigs are passé, but the desire for full-bodied hair is not. The easiest way to achieve voluminous hair is to...

how to prevent frizzy hair

How To Prevent Frizzy Hair


Frizzy hair is a common affliction for anyone with dry and damaged hair, especially during humid conditions. And for those with curly hair, frizzy hair is nothing less than a nightmare. But that is not all. Even over-processed color, overexposure to the sun, brushing of wet hair and styling abuse...

How to keep straight hair in humidity

How To Keep Hair Straight In Humidity


Not many people are blessed with naturally straight hair. Those with curly and coarse hair resort to different means to straighten their hair. However, in humid conditions it can be quite grueling to keep the hair straight. Unless you use chemical straightening treatments, most other processes just keep the hair...

How to get scene hair

How To Get Scene Hair


If you are looking to add lots of color to your hair and styling them with big choppy cuts, then scene hair is ideal for you. In recent years, scene hairstyles have become a huge rage among the teens and the youth. More and more youngsters are now donning this...

Different Types Of Perms

Different Types Of Perms


Perms have always been the hottest fad in hair fashion since their invention in 1872. They look cool and haute as the soft bouncy curls add a different shade to one’s personality. There are different types of perms that you can go for and each will add a new dimension...