How To Use Flat Iron

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how to use flat iron

No woman’s vanity box can be said to be complete without flat iron. Flat iron is the only whip that can keep her luxurious mane under control. This flexible styling tool is gentle on the hair and can be used easily for a number of purposes like getting rid of frizzy hair, straightening or curling the hair and more. Unlike earlier times, flat irons nowadays are very inexpensive and come in far better designs and performance. So, if you know how to use one, then investing in a flat iron will save you countless trips to the beauty parlor before each and every occasion. What’s more, a flat iron can be a lifesaver in avoiding those bad hair days. It is the perfect tool to keep your hair in shape and style. However, make sure that you do not overuse them because flat irons use heat, which can damage your hair. Now if you are wondering how to use a flat iron perfectly to get rid of your unruly hair, then continue reading this article to know more.

Using A Flat Iron

Preparing Your Hair

    • Before you use a flat iron, it’s important to remove all the traces of grease, dirt and styling product residues that accumulate in the hair or else the heat of the iron will make the hair clump and damage them.
    • To clean the hair as well as to make it manageable, wash it thoroughly with a shampoo and boost it with a conditioner. Since, rigorous stress is applied on the hair while styling, it is better to use hydrating shampoos and conditioners to prime your hair.
    • To protect the hair further, apply thermal spray or heat treatment when the hair is wet. This will soften the hair and also increase the life of the style.
    • For best results, do not use a flat iron on damp hair. So, dry your hair with a hair dryer. A ceramic heated ionic hair dryer is the best as it produces gentle heat that dries the hair faster. It also reduces frizz and hair shaft damage.

Select The Right Flat Iron

    • Though you can use numerous types of flat iron, a ceramic flat iron is the best. Such irons have a ceramic heater and thick ceramic layers baked onto the plates. The heat produced from ceramic flat iron is gentle on the hair and also preserves the moisture of the hair as it seals the hair follicles.
    • The right size of the flat iron also matters a lot. For most hair types, with short-medium length, 1” – 1.5” wide plates will do fine. For finer hair, a narrower plate is required. Those who have long hair should use an iron with 2” plates. Remember, small irons are easier to use but the task becomes tedious when used on long hair. Only those with thick curly hair should use an iron with plates thicker than 2”.
    • So, depending on your budget and the features that you require, select the right flat iron.


    • You should always use a flat iron that has variable temperature settings. This provides more styling flexibility and control, and also prevents using more heat than what is necessary.
    • If you have thick, coarse or extra curly hair, then you should use a heat setting in the range of 300°F to 400°F or it will be very hard to style the hair. Normal hair can be effectively styled with a heat setting between 300°F and 380°F and fine or damaged hair should be styled with heat setting below 300°F.

Using A Flat Iron

    • Clean your hair and dry it thoroughly before using a flat iron. This is because the moisture in the hair can cause the hair to frizz up. Run your fingers through your hair. If it feels cool to touch then it must be damp. However, you can use a wet-to-dry flat iron on damp hair.
    • Now, comb your hair to remove all the tangles. Then depending upon the size of the plate of the iron you are using, divide your hair into small sections. Use clips to hold the different sections in place so that you can iron each section effectively.
    • Don’t iron a large section of hair as it can lead to uneven heating and uneven styling. Small sections are easily manageable and the hair can be straightened effectively.
    • Press a section of hair between the plates of the iron near the scalp and applying a gentle pressure pull the iron down to the tips of your hair. Don’t keep the iron on the head for too long or it will damage the hair. Draw the iron down on the strand moderately fast without lingering in any one spot. This requires some practice and with time you will get used to it.


    • To flip the hair using a flat iron, run down the iron in a section of hair from near the scalp towards the end. When you bring the iron near the hair tip, turn it in the direction you want to flip, twist your wrist up and out and flip the end.


    • To create curls, you will need a flat iron with rounded or curved plates. Such an iron makes it easier to create curls.
    • Grab a 1” section of your hair and clamp the iron on it close to your scalp. Now, in the direction you want to curl, turn the iron about one and a half turns. Holding the iron firmly at this angle pull it through the length of the strand. You may need to repeat this for a couple of times to get the perfect curls. Continue for the rest of the hair.
    • Those with long hair should hold the curls in place with clips until the entire head is done. Here also you will require lots of practice to get the curling right.

Now that you know the nitty-gritty of styling your hair using a flat iron, you can safely use the tool to style your hair the way you want and rock the diva in you.