Hairstyles For Homecoming

hairstyle for homecoming

Homecoming is an annual traditional occasion with great historical importance when high schools, colleges, universities and even towns across the U.S.A herald the reunion of their alumni and former residents. It’s a true-blue celebration time in fall revolving around an American football game (occasionally basketball, ice hockey or soccer) and several other significant events such as school marching brand’s parade, banquet, rallies, dance, bonfire and competitions, not to forget the ever-prestigious coronation of Homecoming Queen and King and the weekend long activities of court members or escorts. Hence it’s altogether natural that appearance is one of the fundamental aspects of homecoming’s participative milieu and what else can rev up the spirit more than an authentic hairstyle? Kudos to you if you decide to spend as much time thinking about the perfect hairstyle on homecoming this year, as the time you normally invest dwelling upon on the outfit. Because you should always remember that a mismatch hair-do can not only act as a great dampener, it can also utterly spoil your overall presence. Of course, there are plethora of options, but to understand the season’s pulse and then to redefine the fashion in a way that can augment your aura, is the real challenge.

Homecoming Hairstyles
Are the various alternatives of homecoming hairstyles propelled at you making your life difficult? Are you finding yourself sandwiched between ‘what is in’ and ‘what will truly give you the sheen?’ Is your mind working overtime to ensure that this experimentation with hair does not make you look like a hare-brained fashionista in front of your peers and seniors? Fabulous! You are on the right track! Because if you are confused, that suggests at least you are thinking seriously about it. Half the battle is won right there. To settle the rest, you need to zero down on a hairstyle that will not just complement your persona, but will also accentuate it to the hilt to create the maximum impression.

Choose Wise!
Trendy styles are of course the most lucrative and safe bait, but first and foremost, you should be aware of the theme: formal, semi-formal or outdoorsy look, and then the immediate consideration would be the contours of your face shape. Most of the cosmetology experts emphasize on face shape as the single most determining factor in deciding what hairstyle one should go for. For example, if you want to go for an interesting short haircut and you have a soft-textured round face shape, it will not be a very flattering sight. Similarly if you have a long face and you are donning a long hair cut, it will give you that thoroughly uncalled for elongated look, while somebody with a round face can score with it easily. However, you can braid your long hair back or sections of it in a way that can go perfectly alright with a long face as well.

Watch Out!
Sometimes even if you follow the guidelines in terms of what suits best on the basis of whether you have a heart-shaped, oval, round, pear, oblong, square or diamond face shape, you may fail miserably. This happens because more often than not we are gifted with a combination of shapes that defy any specific geometry. Also, choosing the right style is heavily reliant upon what is that unique feature in your face that is desirable and should be highlighted effortlessly. One effective approach to render this is layering which helps to accentuate certain features while you can play down the relatively unattractive ones in such a way that they will go unnoticed. Well, almost. Only if you are expert at this objective analysis and execution, you can breathe easy.

Seek Professional Help
It’s always prudent to visit a reputed hairstylist and inform the expert about your desires and all nitty-gritties like football team colour, your dress and other accessories that you are planning to adorn yourself with. As for girls, ask your stylist about which types of bangs and fringe in your hair-do can set you apart from the rest. Even if you do not have a heart-shaped face, bangs hairstyle will embellish all kinds of face shape and hair textures and it is also the most definitive hairstyle comeback statement in recent times. Along with it, a mix of retro style and impressive updo hairstyle are the flavors of the season. You may also help the stylist with your personal insights and a picture of any celebrity or anyone whose hairstyle you adore. More often than not, this will result in an inspired transformation and you will earn a lot of brownie points that you really deserve on the big occasion.

Men Need Help Too!
It’s a lopsided view that only girls or metrosexuals should take this extra effort, as real men need not be bothered about their appearance. If anyone harbors this overtly casual approach in his mind, he is just fooling himself and showing disrespect to an event of great magnitude. Always remember, it’s not always desperation to visit a stylist, it can be a tremendous revelation for you as well. Because irrespective of whether we care to be appreciated by others or not, we all like to look at ourselves with admiration and a special look can always give you that fresh motivated elevation of spirit and self-confidence. Moreover, isn’t it fun? Isn’t it worth going the extra mile in the season of friendship, football and facetious bonhomie?

Having said that, even a laidback underrated hairstyle can also earn you more than cursory glances if it is complementing your body type and tastefully done. A waggish ponytail or befitting hair accessories can get you a fair share of the crowd attention. There is always a temptation to go for wedding or prom hairstyles, however, homecoming offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for socialization and your dressing and hairstyling should not tell another story.