Curling Iron Tips

curling iron tips

Gorgeous curly hair can grab the attention of the crowd around you, wherever you go. Now isn’t it a dream that you always had? In this age of advanced technologies, it is not greedy of you to long for curly hair, even if you have naturally straight hair. There are many types of hair styling tools which can give you your dream tresses; you just need to select the one that suits you best and you could achieve your dream within a matter of minutes. A curling iron is that magical tool that can transform your straight hair strands to dazzling curls. However, to achieve the curls of your dreams, you need to establish what kind of curls you are aiming for. It is only after deciding this that you should finalise on your product because curling irons, though all used for the same purpose, produce different results depending upon the size of the rod. Likewise, there are other some small things also that you need to consider while selecting a curling iron and also, while using it. Read on for some important tips on curling irons.

How To Use A Curling Iron

Look For The Correct Size
If you think that all curling irons are of the same size, then you are wrong. Curling irons differ in size and you need to select the correct size to achieve the desired effect. You should determine what type of curls you need and the size of the curling iron depends on the following criteria:

    • Big Waves: If you want to wear big waves on your hair, then you may go for a 2-inch diameter curling iron. With this diameter, you can get large, loose waves in longer hair, while it helps smoothing short hair. If you just want to smooth your hair then wrap large sections on the iron. If you want to create waves then wrap smaller sections.
    • Slight Waves: If you are interested in wearing slight waves then probably a one-and-a-half inch diameter iron will do. Make small sections of hair and then wrap them on the curling iron. Once you have curled the section, pin it up on your head to distinguish the styled ones from the rest.
    • Big Curls: You need a ¾ to 1-inch diameter curling iron if you wish to wear big curls. Divide hair into small sections and spritz them with a good hair mousse. Now wrap the sections around the curling iron, holding for about five seconds. Release the iron carefully and leave the hair till it cools and then separate the curls with your fingers.
    • Tight Curls: If you want to wear tight curls then use curling irons with a diameter of 3/8 inch. Divide hair into small sections and wrap them spirally from ends to roots. Hold the iron for five seconds and carefully release the hair. Do not touch the curls with hands or they will be garbled.

Select Right Heat
It is always better to go for a heating iron that has a provision to adjust the heat according to your requirement. Use a low heat setting if your hair is fragile or color treated. The heat should be below 200°F as anything more could damage your hair. You may use up to 200-300°F if you have curly, coarse or thick hair. Never attempt any temperature above 400°F or you will end up burning hair.

Know The Material
The material used in the curling iron is very important because it affects the health of your hair. Here is a note on different materials used in curling irons.

    • Ceramic and tourmaline irons: This material is the best choice because ceramic disperses the heat evenly through your hair while tourmaline releases negative ions to your hair. These negative ions cause the closure of hair cuticles which helps in locking moisture and thus prevents your hair from getting dry too easily.
    • Gold and titanium irons: They are good heat conductors but, this material might be indifferent toward your hair and make them frizzy.
    • Chrome irons: These are the commonly available curling irons but they are not so good for your hair because, neither does this material distribute heat evenly nor does it protect your hair from getting frizzy. Also, it may end up knotting your hair if it is fragile.

Proper Preparation
You need to prepare your hair properly before exposing it to heat or else you might end up losing the thickness and shine of your hair. The preparations depend upon the nature of your hair.

    • If you have naturally oily hair, then you need to use a volumizing conditioner. Cover the damp hair strands from tip to root with a good heat protectant spray. Then, go on with a strong-hold mousse either on your roots or from mid-shaft to ends. Now blow dry and then proceed.
    • If you have a thick hair, then just wash your hair with a good shampoo and apply a heat protection product over the strands. Apply a strong-hold mousse to your hair, blow dry it and proceed. Do not dry your hair when it is damp or even slightly wet. This will result in singeing of the hair strands.
    • If your hair is dry, use a good conditioner while washing your hair and then let your hair dry naturally; no blow drying. While the hair is still damp, generously dab a heat protectant before proceeding with the curling. Make sure that the temperature of the rod is below 200°F.

Clean Thoroughly
You should clean your curling iron after each use. You use various styling products on your hair and these remain on the iron and form a coat over its surface, thereby preventing even heating the next time. As a result of this, you might end up with lackluster curls so, make sure you clean the iron according to the instructions provided on its packaging.

Pin Up
Pin up the section of curled hair immediately after you are done with that section. Spray with a light weight hair spray on the entire hair once you are done with curling and release the pins after five minutes. This would provide you with long lasting curls.

Mentioned above were some tips on what things you need to consider while buying and/or using a curling iron. Consider these tips while you use and/or buy a curling iron and you could get the best results out of it.