How To Get Blonder Hair

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how to get blonder hair

Blonde Hair is not a new entry in the fashion world; it has been idolized for centuries now and still continues to dominate fashionable and trendy hairstyle domain. Though it evolved as a result of mutation, blonde hair now virtually rules the world of hairstyles. Characterized by low level pigmentation, blonde hair colour comprises of different shades. Golden, platinum and strawberry shades are only tip of iceberg. Once into it, you may get perplexed as to which shade to go about because, each of them is unique and alluring. If not interested in spritzing your strands in chemical bleach, you may stick on to natural methods also which may be slow and may provide a very subtle blonde look but are definitely healthy to your hair. Here, in the following section, you can get acquainted with both chemical and natural ways of getting blonder hair. Also, have a look at the tips given which could help you in dealing with this task in a much easier and healthier way.

How To Make Hair Blonder

With A Hair Bleach

    • This is a fast and easy method to get blonde hair. But, before finalising on a decision, you should consider your skin tone and hair texture. Once done with it, you could easily decide which shade you should go about. It is recommended that you should not go more than two shades lighter than your skin tone.
    • Once you got to know about your hair and your skin tone, pick up the most suitable shade.
    • Take a plastic bowl and a good brush to mix the bleach well and apply it on your hair. Keeping a towel near you would be of great help in wiping the spillages immediately.
    • Now, mix the components – the developer and the bleach in the bowl until they blend well.
    • Divide your hair into small sections to ease the application and to get maximum coverage. But take care that you do keep minimum contact between the bleach and your skull. You may cover your hair with a plastic cover or cap; this provides you with double benefit – it avoids staining and also adds to convenience.
    • The quantity of bleach required to get the desired effect can be different for different brands and hence, you need to check it before using it. It is important to stick to the instructions given in the packing to avoid any damage and also to derive the best results.
    • Once you kept the product for the specified time, rinse your hair free of the product. Make sure that you washed off even the last bit of the product. Do not forget to apply a PH neutralizer to minimise further chemical reactions.
    • Follow it up with protein treatment to nourish your hair and also with a deep protein conditioner to condition the strands.
    • You should be very careful while dealing with chemical agents because even a small mistake may have disastrous effects on your hair. Hence, regular maintenance is very important when you use chemicals to colour your hair blonde.

Blonde Your Hair Naturally

    • Sticking to natural methods would definitely help you avoid the harmful effects of chemicals but, they may not provide as obvious results as the chemicals. However, natural methods do make your hair lighter without causing any harm.
    • Get Sunned! Yes, exposing your hair strands to sun can help lighten the shade of your hair. You might have heard some people saying that they have dark hair in winter but, it turns lighter during summer. This is true. The more time you spend in sun, the lighter your hair will be. However, don’t overdo the sun exposure lest your hair get damaged.
    • There are some lighteners also available in the market that could help you lighten your hair. These again, work after you go out in sun. You may get faster results with the help of this product. Apply this on hair while you go out and you can feel the results.
    • Lemon juice is a wonderful hair lightener, but this may not work well with brunettes. Also, applying lemon juice may also make you hair dry by taking out the natural moisture from it. So, treat your hair to intense oil therapy after using this method of colouring.
    • Peroxide can also help you lighten the hair but again, it may not work on brunette hair. If you already are blonde then applying peroxide could help you maintain the shade, without using bleach or any other chemicals.


    • The best time to practice natural methods for blonde hair is the summer season. You may not get the desired effects during winters.
    • Try some bright coloured bands on your hair; this makes your hair appear lighter.
    • Do not try to apply lemon juice on your hair if you have a dry hair because, lemon juice makes your hair dry and thus, may create more hair problems for you to deal with.
    • You must attempt a trial before using chemicals on your hair. Bleach is a strong chemical which, if contacted with your skin, may create further problems. Do a patch-test on the previous day, using a conditioner so that you may be able to know how much does the chemical suit you.

Blonde hair isn’t hard to achieve; it’s very easy once you have decided what sort of method you wish to follow. Natural or chemical, make sure that you practice utmost diligence while colouring our hair. Don’t forget to stick to the instructions; taking advice of a hair specialist may also make the process that much more easy for you to follow.