How To Get Blonde Hair


Look at those lovely, blonde locks! This is a line every girl would love to get at least once in her life. Hair is the most precious asset of a girl’s beauty. From Shelly to Shakespeare, every poet has ardently praised women’s golden hair. Girls love shiny, platinum or golden hair like Rapunzel’s. Gone are those days when only a blessed few who are naturally blonde could luxuriate in those pale yellow tresses. Today, with a little effort and patience, anyone can get blonde silk hair, at least temporarily. The main idea revolves around how you maintain your hair after bleaching it blonde. Though the trusted technique since ages has been the “lemon juice technique”, bleaching kits, widely available in the market, are also used commonly today. One should be wise enough in choosing the right bleach; if you are not an expert then it is advisable to seek the help of one for this work. The safest alternative is to rely upon a parlour for sleek and professionally done blonde hair and the resultant envious looks. Here are a few do-it-yourself tips on going blonde.

Tips On Going Blonde

Going Blonde Naturally
Salon treatment is not the only way to get blonde hair. You can dye your hair blonde at home as well. To get a subtle blonde colour, use lemon juice and heat. If you prefer a radical blonde, hydrogen peroxide is the key. If these tips spark an idea, you may get your hair blonde easily.

Naturally Blonde #1

    • Cut the lemon in two halves. For short hair, juice of one lemon is enough. For longer hair, two or more lemons are required depending on the length of the hair.
    • Squeeze the juice of the lemon and apply it into your hair, evenly, to get the desired result
    • Soak in the sun to dry the juice on your hair. A blow dryer can also be used as lemon juice reacts well to heat. Rinse your hair well.
    • A subtle blonde colour will appear on your hair. The result is temporary.
    • Repeat the process whenever you wish for a subtle blonde colour.

Naturally Blonde #2

    • Bring water to boil.
    • Add chamomile to the boiling water.
    • Remove water from the heat and let the chamomile blend completely in it.
    • Allow it to cool.
    • Wash and condition your hair normally.
    • Soak your hair in the chamomile water for 5-10 minutes.
    • Dry your hair normally. The chamomile water would have created a subtle blonde colour on your hair.

Naturally Blonde #3

    • Dry your hair completely.
    • Mix hydrogen peroxide with water in a hairspray bottle. For subtle blonde colour, the composition of hydrogen peroxide should be just 20%. For intense blonde hair, 80% composition of hydrogen peroxide is needed. Spray evenly onto your hair.
    • Allow the hydrogen peroxide mixture to set in completely. The time needed to set depends upon how dark your hair is and how intense you would like the blonde colour to be.
    • Rinse your hair well. If the blonde colour is not according to your taste, repeat the process.

Bleach Blonde
Various bleaches are available in the market to bleach your hair blonde. A little patience would help you save the money you would spend in a parlour. But remember, bleaching your hair at home is a risky job and you need to do this cautiously.

    • Make sure you have not bleached your hair for at least four weeks.
    • Apply conditioner onto your hair and leave it for 30 minutes, the night before you decide to bleach your hair. Rinse well. Bleach will work effectively on dry and clean hair.
    • Use professional bleach available in the market. Depending on your taste, you can get volume 30 or volume 40. But remember, volume 40 is harsh and may cause severe damage to your hair.
    • Mix the bleach and peroxide in a bowl.
    • Starting from the back, divide your hair.
    • Place a foil underneath your hair and with the help of an applicator brush, apply bleach. Leave one centimetre space from the root. Once done, fold the piece of foil and leave it to set.
    • When the hair in the foil has a yellowish tinge, start applying the bleach to the roots with care. If the bleach gets in contact with the skin, it may cause rashes.
    • When the roots and the hair in the foil get white blonde, you may unwrap the foil.
    • Shampoo your hair in warm water. Rinse well to get rid of any bleach that is left.
    • Condition your hair with a blonde toner conditioner and allow it to dry naturally.
    • Remember not to straighten or blow-dry your hair for at least the next 12 hours.
    • Apply any hair serum.

Salon treatments are always the best to get your hair blonde. Your hair may turn brittle and rough while bleaching. Hairstylists give other treatments to make your hair smooth, shining and beautiful after bleaching. The cost of bleaching your hair at a salon depends upon the hair length and the intensity of the colour you require.

Maintenance Tips

    • Your hair will require special care and attention after bleaching.
    • Try using a blonde specific shampoo between the bleaching sessions.
    • Conditioning your hair well after bleaching will help the blonde colour to last longer. It does not require much time and money to get the red carpet deserving blonde mane.
    • The key remains in following a proper hair care routine at home. You can style your hair the way you want after bleaching your hair. But there are certain styles that could cause severe damage to your tresses.

As the blonde locks are going to be your crowning glory, the better care you give them, the better will be the effect. Blonde is fun; blonde is in. So make sure you do justice to your hair after coloring them blonde.