Simple Everyday Hairstyles For Women

simple everyday hairstyles for women

Be it festivities, presentation, parties, or date, dressing up your hair last minute could be literally hair-raising. In that case, having simple, sassy, everyday hairstyles up your sleeves could save you hours of slaving in front of the mirror. In today‚Äôs hectic and busy lifestyle, there is little time for us to do things that we would like to do. And it is women who find it extremely tough as they are expected to work like a longshoreman and look like a supermodel. Only a few lucky ones find time to go to a hairdresser every six weeks for a retouch or a fine-tuning. In that case, having a few comforting, stylish, extraordinary and easy-to-do hairstyles in your kitty would save you time and add a touch of oomph to your overall look. Some of the hairstyles are so basic that you wouldn’t even count them as a hairstyle per se, but they truly look miraculously stylish and easy to put together too. Here are some easy and simple hairstyles which can be worn by women.

Long or Short Braids
Braiding your hair takes a long time, but what is most advantageous about braiding is that they last for a week before they get nappy and ugly. Making cornrows will uphold the style for even a longer time, especially if they are thinner. You can cover them around your head for a sassy African look or hang them loosely over your shoulders. You can never go wrong with braids as they are very simple. This is one of the easiest and effortless hairstyles for women.

Tight Curls
This is an easy hairstyle for kinky hair. What you need to do it is to blow dry the hair and leave it loose. If the hair refuses to curl, you can use small hair rollers and hold them for about 10 minutes. Then, you can run your favorite serum through the lengths of the hair to keep it looking smooth and sleek.

Casual Long Straight Hairstyles
A casual long straight hairstyle can be worn with great panache; provided you have the right cut. It includes precision cuts, one length looks, layer cuts, and razor cuts. Layer and razor cuts require some kind of styling, though one length is far easy to style and maintain. This hairstyle can be kept short in different places, for example, bangs can be used to shorten the face shape and accentuate the eyes. To add some more spunk into the style, the hair can be pulled back, put up, plaited, or braided.

Updo Hairstyles
Updo hairstyles look great on formal occasions such as wedding or prom, which need a hairstyle that is elegant, works well with the dress and accessories and suits most faces. They can also be worn to offices and look extremely stylish too.

Pixie cut is regarded as the perfect hairstyle for all women, especially black women. This style is easy to wash, dries quickly and reduces the need for heat styling. The back portion and the sides of the hair are cut short for about 2 inches long. The top portion of the hair must be left longer for about 5 inches long.

Braids look extremely stylish. They can be time consuming, but look beautiful and neat. In addition, you won’t need to condition your hair when it’s in braids because the hair is protected from the elements and will be kept in optimal condition.

The Bun
A bun is one style that would never go out of vogue. Simple yet stylish, this hairstyle is pretty much easy to do. Instead of rolling your hair in the bun behind the head, you can bring them back towards the neck. Using a styling brush to smooth hair, you can bring them down to collect them in one spot at the bottom of the head. The hair must be twisted in the bun, and secured with a bobby pin. If you do not have enough hair to create a bun, you can comb the hair and pick up tips at the bottom of the head using an elastic strap. Following this, you can use a hair band to reunite and make a bow to cover the small tail. Ensure that the bow is not too big, but must be enough to balance the look and provide the effect.

A ponytail is the most timeless of all hairstyles. A woman with a long hair in a well-executed ponytail can look glossy and dazzling. Using your brush, bring all the hair back over the head. To find out the exact location of the tail, turn the head to one side of the mirror and keep the comb against the back of the head near the tip of the ear. Ensure that the final portion of the comb touches the tip of the nose. The tail side of the comb indicates the central area of the head. The hair must be secured in an elastic band to make it smooth and sleek as much as possible. Once it is secure, take out a thin section of hair underneath the tail and cover it around the elastic band to hide it. The thin section need to be pinned under the ponytail and blend the loose end back to the pony tail. You can complete the pony tail in a variety of ways; flat-iron the tail to hang it straight, make use of a big barrel curling iron to give a soft inward curve or a spray or some rollers to give the tail some fullness. Irrespective of the method you choose, the final result will be lovely and stunning.

These simple and fast fixes for hair will enable you to face the challenges of last-minute preparation with lot more confidence and ease. Most of these ideas would be quite familiar to you, but possibly implementing these techniques in a slightly different way will give you ideas to create your own quick fixes.