How To Curl Your Hair Without Curlers

Curl hair without curlers

Curly hair makes a great fashion statement and gives you the most alluring and romantic look. However, if your hair is not naturally curly, it can be quite a task to get curls into your hair. You would require equipments like hot rollers, curling irons etc to work on your curls. But the heat from these equipments can be quite an issue as it can make your hair dry and severely damaged. Also, if your work makes you travel every now and then, carrying all these equipments may not be a wise option. And if you wondering how else to curl your hair without all these equipments then be informed that, there are so many different ways with which you can curl your hair without using curlers that you won’t even miss your curlers after some time. And the best part is that you can curl your hair using simple household items and a bit of imagination. With the help of a simple hair dryer for quick curls, or by leaving the hair rolled up overnight with the help of large bonnet, you can get the curls you aspire for. Have you ever thought of it? Come on! Let’s check out a few ways to get your curls rolling!

Curling Hair Naturally

This is the age-old way of curling hair. All you need to do is to wash your hair and, while your hair is still damp, braid them and wait for it to dry. You can either make a single braid or many of them, depending on the number of curls you want to have. Also, make a tight braid if you want to have thick curls and a loose one if you require wavy curls. You need not always wash your hair to wet it. Use a bit of mousse or hair gel and your hair is wet enough for braiding. The best way to curl your hair with braids is to sleep in them; in the morning you would wake up to the perfect zigzag curls that have captured your imagination for so long.

Bobby Pins
Another way to curl your hair is by using bobby pins. You can do this while your hair is still wet from a wash or by dampening it with a little hair gel or by spraying water.

    • Brush through your hair to remove tangles.
    • Now part your hair into sections, taking about one inch square at a time.
    • Twist each section of hair from root to tip and spiral it to the scalp. Use a bobby pin to secure this spiral to your head.
    • Proceed to do the same with all the other sections of hair. You can either blow dry your hair if you are pressed for time, or leave the secured spirals on your head over night.
    • When your hair is dry, remove the bobby pins and untwist the hair using your fingers.
    • You can set your curls with a little hairspray and your curls are there to stay!

Rag Rolls
Like the bobby pins, this is another fool-proof way to curl your hair at home. For the perfect curl maker, get old, clean rags that you have around the house. Can’t find any? Make rags out of that t-shirt you are planning to throw away.

    • Now, section your hair as you did for the bobby pin curling.
    • The thinner the sections, the more tight your curls are going to be.
    • Place the rag, about 12 inches long, at the end of each section and roll it up.
    • Tie the ends of the rag as they reach your scalp to keep it in place. However, if you require curls only at the ends of your hair, you can stop rolling the hair midway and tie the rag to hold it place there.
    • Leave the knots overnight and untie them the next day morning and you are bound to get curls that are even better than the ones you can get at a salon.

Straw Sets
Yes, you can even use drinking straws to curl your hair. The curls made with the help of drinking straws are small and tight and give your hair a fuller look. Make sections of your hair, twist them tightly around the drinking straws and secure them in place. It is easy to maintain your straw set curls as all you need to do is cover them with a large bonnet overnight and, in the morning, shake your curls free. You can style them with a large comb or gently brush your hair to shape. Using a little hairspray you can hold your curls in place.

Though curls are the thing to have, they can be unpredictable as they tend to get dry and frizzy. At the same time, they have elasticity and always tend to bounce naturally. To bring out the best of your curls, it is mandatory to keep them well hydrated so that you can maintain their natural shine and softness. Therefore, whenever you shampoo, use a good conditioner too. Do not brush your curls rigorously as it can disrupt the natural shape of your curls and make your hair snap. So girls, isn’t it time to get your curls rolling?