How To Choose The Right Hairstyle

how to choose the right hairstyle

Bored of your current hairstyle and can’t wait to get it changed? If your answer is yes then we have a revelation for you – you cannot get just any style that you see on someone; it MUST suit your face. As basic as this observation is—and probably as widely known—people often get confused and end up with hairstyles that they regret immediately after leaving the salon. To avoid such a situation, it is important to tread carefully when it comes to changing the way you wear your crowning glory. Two factors that must be kept in mind in such a case are, the shape of your face and the kind of hair you have. People are born with faces of different shapes and you need to first determine which category your own face falls into and then get a style that suits it best. Similarly, people have different hair textures and not all are meant to be straight, curled or braided. So, take a look at the hair texture and health before taking the plunge and you would have the perfect cut for your face. Read on to know more about ideal haircuts for different face shapes.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle

Determining Face Shape
As mentioned earlier, you need to assess which category your face shape falls into. Normally, you can determine this by looking closely in a mirror and, for more clarity, you can oil your hair and slick them back so that the hair doesn’t disrupt the natural cuts of your face. This should give you a fair idea of your face shape but if you still feel unsure then you can use the same technique and take it to the next level. Slick your hair back and peer into the mirror. Put some adhesive tape on the mirror to mark the cuts of your face like the edges of the cheek, forehead and the chin point. Connecting these marking with a running hand would give you a good idea of your face shape. The various face shapes include oval, round, square, heart, diamond and oblong faces.

Oval Face Hairstyling
Oval faces are generally considered ideal for any sort of hairstyle. Be it long or short, curly or straight, every hairstyle and hair type suits an oval face. Yet, to make most of that face cut, you can do the following.

    • If your hair is not that long, then get it cut in a short messy style and add shine to the new cut with some lotion.
    • If you have fine long hair, get your hairstylist to cut your hair in a layered mannered to give your hair more volume and body. This style would suit you, even if you desire to wear your hair shorter.
    • Those with medium textured hair can try a style with the hair short on top and slightly long at the sides. If you intend to use colour, seek the help of your hairstylist in choosing shades which would help highlighting your oval face.

Heart Face Hairstyling
You should try and choose a style which allows you to create volume at the bottom of your face. Your hair should not be too long and, in any case, not more than four inches below the shoulder. If you have thick long hair, get them layered at around chin length so that the hair can fall across your face. If you have curly hair then the best bet would be to get a short bob, up to the jaw level, or even a graduated bob of the same length.

Round Face Hairstyling
For medium to long curly hair, try some choppy layers at the back and bottom to give your tresses more shape. Layers suit this face cut just fine as does any haircut that frames the face, hides the cheeks width and makes the face appear longer. The main point to remember about round faces is that you need a style where long pieces fall onto the face and hide its width at cheek level. You should avoid short hair cuts and chin length hair.

Long Faced Hairstyling
With this type of face, hairstyling is easier as you can virtually do anything you want and have a choice of a greater number of styles to choose from. The only thing you need to remember is not to keep your hair too long as it will make your face appear even longer. Get your hair cut in a style that you like, but avoid a fringe.

Square & Diamond Face Hairstyling
For square faces, avoid hairstyles which accentuate the square jaw such as straight bangs or centre parting etc. Try to achieve roundness of the face and, at the same time, add height by way of crowns or bangs at the top of the head. For diamond faces, try maximising the narrow chin area and reduce the emphasis on the wide cheek area. Some good hairstyles for diamond faces are chin length bob cuts or shoulder length wispy kicked out looks. Strictly avoid styles that leave no hair on the neck or chin area.

A good hairstylist is the second best person to help you make the right choice of hairstyle; the best being you. While the advice of an expert would make a tremendous difference in your final appearance, what your instincts tell you should also not be ignored. Read up on face shapes, decide the hairstyle that’d suit your face shape best and bring out the finest style in you!