Modern Haircuts For Women

Modern Haircuts for Women

Today’s women are different from their older generation counterparts in many things, including hairstyles. Today, apart from managing a family, you also have to manage a hectic work life. No wonder, the need for a no-nonsense yet trendy hairstyle. With newer styles and haircuts becoming fashionable, you rely on magazines and TV shows to tell you what’s in vogue. When you notice any new hairstyle which your friends or associates sport, you invariably attempt to subtly extract the name of their hairstylist. You love to be adventurous and try out new hairstyles. You don’t shy away from visiting the salon as often as it takes to affect the look you want, because that leaves you feeling confident and attractive and ready to mix in any group. You are likely to feel fewer pricks to your conscience when you spend money on pampering yourself, especially if it means that you can expect to receive more than a few compliments from everyone. Yes, all this because you are the modern woman! Here are some of the latest hairstyles in vogue for the modern woman.

Modern Hairstyles For Women

Softly Textured Long Layered Hairstyle
This style suits any face shape and hair type. It is a subtly shagged cut that adds texture to the hair. It is easy to maintain and can be dressed up with soft curls or braids, and is a popular style which is not likely to go out of fashion. Your hair, cut in layers, will frame your face, lending it a soft, lovely look. Dressed in a long flared skirt and a short sleeveless blouse, you’ll look fabulous and irresistible.

Short Semi Shaggy Hairstyle
A style to suit long, oval or heart shaped faces. This is a very trendy style in which the hair is kept very short at the back and longer in front. The longer portion is combed down in front to partly cover the face for a shaggy look. You can add a touch of colour to the hair that matches your skin tone as it will highlight your hair and make quite a few heads turn in your direction.

Smooth Updo With Volume And A Bun
This superb and simple style is very chic. By using a bump at the back, which is not sloppy, your hair can be tied in a bun. This stylish looking hairdo will highlight your face and make it look more open. This style suits oval, round or square faces. It works best with women with thick, smooth hair.

Long Soft Curls Parted In The Middle
Even if you do not have the healthiest of hair with curls, you can have a great style with a proper cut and care. Layering helps give the hair a bouncy look and a lot of shape. Best suited for round, oval or square faces, this style works well with women who have naturally wavy hair. You are sure to be the cynosure of eyes wherever you go.

Long Layered Multi-Tone Chic Hairstyle
A dark brown style with a side part and side swept bangs. This style is extremely nice when hand painted with streaks of light red contrasting the dark brown colour to create a tempting impact. If your hair is the type which needs to be held down then the use of pomade can help.

Tapered Bob
The modern bob cut, which came into fashion decades ago, continues to remain very popular. It is a style which is not for those with a rounded face. There are many variations that one can design to suit individual tastes and the use of bangs can look really make it look modern. Multi tonal bobs also look extremely nice, but it looks best with different shades of blonde. Funky, bold and attractive will be your signature if caught in this one!

Long Tight Curly Layered Hairstyle
Those with curly hair can mix in braids to make the hair look really snazzy. It is a fun thing to do without missing your curls. A style to suit any face shape, this hairstyle requires considerable use of styling lotion. Let some of the curls fall to the front of the face for maximum effect. As those curls, in their layered patterns, make their way around your face and shoulders to provide an effect so flattering, have no doubt that it’s going to be a ‘can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you’ style.

The Long Bob
Shoulder length hair allows you to have the best of both short and long hair worlds. The advantage is that it is long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail but short enough to have some lift and allure. Using a smoothing cream, you can wear your hair sleek and polished or a bit wavy. For straight hair, blow dry using a barrel brush and then use shine spray to give your hair a glossy look. Give yourself a treat with a stylish bob that adds instant appeal to your long hair.

Most modern women’s hairstyles involve the use of hair colour. This gives the woman a very modern and trendy look. Though primarily used by younger women, it can suit older women also when used judiciously to enhance their clothes and add stylish appeal to their persona. Choose colours and styles that’ll complement your hairdo, to exude a youthful maturity that’s true to you.