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Rubber roofing materials are all strong, adaptable and may weather extremely cold climates and sub-zero temperatures. Safety. In addition to the, plastic roofing products are UV and ozone resistant. Replacing the roof system on a populated apartment or townhome community is a serious job, one that many builders don’t appreciate. We can offer a broad selection of plastic roofing solutions into our residential and commercial roofing clients.

Unfortunately, common sense procedures for enhancing resident safety tend to be overlookedby roof companies who comply with OSHA regulations concerning worker safeguards. A number of those rubber roofing solutions we provide are: Multifamily Roofing Services was based on the belief that we could differentiate ourselves in the market by lowering disturbance and threat to citizens throughout the building procedure. * EPDM Rubber Roofing * TPO Rubber Roofing * New Rubber Roof Installations * Rubber Roof Replacement * Rubber Roofing Shingles * Rubber Roofing Membranes. Our detailed approach to managing foot traffic in and outside of work zones is a manifestation of the commitment, and we adhere to OSHA guidelines, such as fall protection systems and job specific safety programs. . Read About Rubber Roofing Services. Contact Us. We have the ideal siding to the house in Albany, Schenectady, Clifton Park or neighboring communities.

Please contact us for references and information on past projects. SIDING SERVICES. ROOFING CONTRACTORS | Commercial Roofing Contractors. Know that old saying how you ought to not "judge a book by it’s cover? " Well, when it comes to your house, value (curb appeal) is still mainly determined by the cover. Res > Roofing Contractors, MidSouth Construction, is a licensed General Contractor certified in all types of roofing! We give commercial roofing services across the southeast and residential roofing services, emergency water mitigaton, and fire damage cleanup and restoraton services across the Middle Tennessee area.

Nobody dreams of an ugly home. Shingle Roofs. Having old or damaged, faded siding takes away from your legitimate character your house deserves. We’re a full-service general contractor and Master Elite certified roofer!

We work with all major shingle manufacturers! Plus, when damaged it triggers insulation issues, meaning your heating bill goes far up in the winter. Metal Roofs. Your house should have a beautiful face, with an appealing aesthetic which matches your taste. Certified in all sorts of metal roofing! Standing seam, screw down, R plank, metal tiles. The exterior of your property should also be more demanding than the elements, not easily get damaged, requiring fresh repair.

Nashville’s top rated metal roofing contractors! This ‘s why we spend our time and energy on the aesthetics of your house, and fit the right siding for the right environment – get the personalized care and designer quality work you deserve with Infinite Roofing & Construction. Slate/Tile Roofs. Read More About Siding Services. A pure slate roof or clay tile roof may easily last 100 years or longer. Hail Damage Inspection for Your Commercial or Residential Roof.

We give slate and tile roof repairs or full replacement! HAIL DAMAGE SOLUTION. Flat Roofs. Hail damage is easily overlooked. Certified specialists in Single Ply (TPO & EPDM), Built Up Roofing (BUR) Elastomeric Roof Coatings.

There is typically no visible signs of storm damage to your roof when blasting hits. Industrial Roofing repairs to full roof replacement! This is exactly why it is better to get a consultation sooner than following the storm damage. MidSouth Construction has been a superb partner during my roof setup. A damaged roof caused by hail will severely alter the lifespan of your roofing so once you call after the hail storm, Infinite Roofing is going to be there to provide quality solutions to you at no cost to you! We click here work together with your insurance provider to help get your costs covered. They have been informative, communicative and specialist.

If you’ve had hail recently in your region, call the experts at Infinite Roofing and we could help get your roofing with hail damage repaired. They were instrumental in getting suitable insurance coverage and ensure I was comfortable with the process and my selection. Hail damage is never anybody ‘s fault, along with your insurance must cover the expenses to get a new roof.

They arrived at my house and were quick to complete their work even sooner than I anticipated! I’m quite satisfied with the end product!